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Agroturystyka „U Pani Basi” is an offer for people who value the beauty of Bieszczady and appreciate peaceful comfort. The house is situated in the valley of river San, under the mountain chain of Otryt. Peace and communing with nature is guaranteed within our wide property, on which there are three buldings - the owner's house, the guest house and a dining house.

Barbara Ważyńska i Krystyn Zieliński

The part of Dwernik, where our property is situated lies near the road from Smolnik to Zatwarnica, approximately 5 km from the intersection with the road to Ustrzyki Górne. Those willing to get there by train should travel to Sanok or Zagórz and take the bus directly or with a stop in Ustrzyki Dolne. Of course it is far more comfortable to travel by car. 

The lady in a red dress that you can see on the photo on the left will help you find our property. We have a place where you can park your car. 




The guest rooms in our offer are inside a seperate house,  app. 50 meters from the owners' house.

 Depending on the needs, our guests can rent one of three apartments on the ground floor, or a family apartment upstairs. In every room you can witness painting by Mrs. Basia.

We also offer homemade dishes, served in the dining house.






Each apartment has a corridor, a lounge, a bedroom and a bathroom. Apart from that every room has television, refrigerator, boiling pot and a hair dryer. Apartments are made for 2-4 people. 

 Price - 150 -200 PLN  per day.


Blue apartment










Green apartment



New apartment



Family room


The family room has two 2-person rooms, a corridor and a bathroom. It's a perfect offer for family with children. The room has television, boiling pot and a refrigerator. From the balcony you can of course witness the forests and meadows of Bieszczady. The room is made for 2-4 people.

Price - 150-200 PLN  per room per day.


Act room



Jest to pokój, którego atrakcją jest stare małżeńskie łoże. W pokoju jest lodówka i czajnik elektryczny i telewizor. Z pokoju bezpośrednio wejście do własnej łazienki. This is a room with an oldschool marriage bed. There is a bathroom, refrigerator, a boiling pot and television.

Price - 50 PLN per person per day.



Balcony room


This is a 2-person room with a bathroom and balcony.

Price - 45 PLN per person per day



Mrs. Basia is known for serving unconventional and delicious dishes.

Apart from taste adventures, you can read a poem on a ceiling, written by a known polish poet.

There is a possibility to order homemade dishes. Mostly, depending on the guests' needs, breakfast and late dinners are served. You can also order three meals. 

Breakfast costs 17 PLN. Breakfasts have a large variety and are plentiful.
The dinner costs 30 PLN.

Children may have a half of a portion if parents wish so.

The meals are served in a big, atmospheric dining room, which has a fireplace where you can  have a grill or smoke-dry a fish.





Barbara Ważyńska

Dwernik 1

38-713 Lutowiska

tel. 013 4610903       e-mail   dwernik@sisco.pl

                           mobile 606 438 509


The best way to contact us is via telephone. Information on free rooms or details concerning conditions may also be given via e-mail.